Personal Fitness and Nutrition Coach


When I 'found my fitness' over 10 years ago as I approached 40, EVERYTHING got better…confidence, productivity, mental clarity, of course health, even relationships and finances!  Before then I had MANY blessings, but was just unable to enjoy them in the way that I do now. 

At the core of EVERYTHING you do, everything you are…is your health.  I took charge of mine, and now I am FREE to pursue my passions at a new level.  I’m able to keep up with my kids and their activities (and my sidekick pup), have the energy to take on new personal and professional challenges, and have more confidence in myself and in a brighter, healthier BIGGER future.   I recently turned 50, have proved that age is JUST a number, and get my joy from helping others do the same! 

Are YOU ready?  To increase your energy and self-confidence, to be more focused, to be physically able to do the things you LOVE to do and/or always wanted to do, to be among and supported by energetic, positive people?  Do you want be 30 or 40 or 50+ and fabulous, to look and feel better and model a healthier lifestyle for your family?  Are you READY to make permanent lifestyle changes that work with YOUR lifestyle despite a busy daily life that sometimes gets in the way of your own health?

BELIEVE in the power that is within you.  I can help you find it.  Let's do this!