About Me


Living “BIG” means…

Thinking BIG    

    Dreaming BIG

        Being ALL IN

                Going BIG or going home 

Making a BIG difference in someone else’s life.

BIG changes

    Sometimes BIG risks

        Maybe even BIG mistakes

Learning BIG lessons….

For the sake of being BETTER, doing MORE, and being the BEST person you can possibly be.

When you reach your full health and fitness potential EVERYTHING gets better….confidence, productivity, mental clarity, even relationships and finances.  It is my passion and privilege to help others reach their potential!

Nine years ago I got serious about my health and fitness goals, stopped making excuses and started working out at home. (As a busy wife and working mother of 2, it’s often tough to make it to the gym as much as you want to go!) Turbo Jam and Turbo Kick it transformed my body and gave me a workout I love.  In 2010 I made some serious changes in my diet and even became a Turbo Kick instructor.   I was led to help others when friends noticed and came to me asking for guidance and support for their own fitness journeys.

It didn’t happen overnight (learn more from the video below,) but when I started my journey to better health I was surrounded by like-minded people who inspired and supported me in a community called Team Beachbody®.  I didn’t seek it out, but I’m so glad it found me.   Now I’m blessed to pay it forward as a Coach each and every day.

At the core of EVERYTHING you do, everything you are…is your health.  I took charge of mine, and now I am “free” to pursue my passions…like waterskiing…at a new level.  I have been able to keep up with my busy kids, have the energy to take on new personal and professional challenges, and have more confidence in myself and in a brighter, healthier BIGGER future.  I now Live BIG and help others do the same by becoming the best versions of themselves!

Do you give the world to your children but not enough to yourself?  When you look in the mirror are you unhappy with the person looking back at you?

Are YOU ready?   To increase your energy and self-confidence, to be more focused, to be physically able to do the things you LOVE to do and/or always wanted to do, to be among and supported by energetic, positive people?

Do you want be over 40 and fabulous, to look and feel better and model a healthier lifestyle for your family?  Are you READY to make permanent lifestyle changes that work with YOUR lifestyle despite a busy daily life that sometimes gets in the way of your own health?

I promise to help you make lifestyle changes so YOU TOO can reap the benefits of health and fitness and lead a happier, more fulfilling life.  I will replace the dizzying array of better health and weight loss solutions available to you with more cost-effective home fitness workouts, nutrition tips to help you lose weight now, and an empowering long-term accountability partnership.   My unique network of support offers guaranteed health and fitness results.  I was once sick and tired, but am now fit at 49!!  I learned to eat, made getting healthy a priority, am living my BEST LIFE, and I WANT TO SHOW YOU HOW.

BELIEVE in the power that is within you.  I can help you find it.  RAISE THE BAR on what you think is possible for YOUR life.  Join me…and let’s LIVE BIG!

Lora Smith

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