My RESULTS from 30 days of Core de Force…

I’m pleased with my RESULTS from my first 30 days of Core de Force. I’ve now completed TWENTY Beachbody programs over the last 6 years! Nothing keeps me on track like working through a complete schedule.

✅I am the SAME weight in both sets of pics! I lost 12 lbs on the Ultimate Reset detox program before I started, went up a few pounds from there due to travel but just dropped back to my finish weight and stayed there. I am ok with this???

✅2 inches are gone…1 in waist and 1 in hips. This bummed me out a bit as I feel slimmer in more places especially in my clothes..but that’s sometimes difficult to actually measure. Or I may just suck at measuring??(I had just lost 9 inches on Ultimate Reset however…your bod will only shed so much at a time?)

✅pictures show off my work more than these numbers…which is probably fitting because I’m just not a numbers gal when it comes to myself. I get too crazy about it and lose my joy? I may have to track body fat in my 2nd round!

✅I gained so much strength physically and even more MENTALLY from literally fighting through this program. I’ve been in a bit of a rut and needed a confidence boost. When I start my day with Core de Force there is nothing I can’t handle! (And you better not mess with me either???)

I stuck fairly closely to the nutrition plan but was not perfect by any means…I kept days like Thanksgiving and my birthday to just single days where I splurged and got right back to plan the next day. I drank Shakeology every day and put the Beachbody performance supplements to work for me like I never have before. In control of my sugar addiction and that is empowering!!

I could go on and on but would prefer you just JOIN ME so you can get your own result!!! You can join my next group or work through the program independently with one on one coaching from me! Instead of Resolutions we focus on SOLUTIONS. We’ll fight together…and win! Your goals…your life…is THAT important. ❤️

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