Standing in the Sun

Yesterday, as I stood outside soaking up the warm sun that has been missing for 2 weeks, I thought about what “standing in the sun” really means when thinking about life outside of the weather….

To me it’s feeling….

❤Comfortable in your own body
❤Free to be yourself and secure in who that is
❤Loved and supported
❤Content and happy
❤Capable and strong
❤In control of your days and time

Despite the occasional clouds or even storms…I can always feel the sun.

I attribute this to 3 things… my God…my family…and the decision to commit to my health and become a Team Beachbody coach that pulled everything together.

Are YOU ready to stand in the sun??

I can help.

It starts with a conversation about how you want to feel every day and how that might change your life.

Reach out….let’s light up your world…no matter what the forecast says!

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