Ultimate Reset RESULTS: Journey BACK to my Best Self

Ultimate Reset ResultsTime to share my Ultimate Reset RESULTS and Round 6 story!

As a Coach my #1 job is actually taking care of ME so I can set the example for others. Integrity is super important to me. If I talk the talk I need to be walking the walk!

That said…I’m human. Early LAST year I achieved my leanest, meanest self, but had trouble maintaining. I’ve been searching for that balance between being really happy with the way I look, yet still and enjoying life and not STRESSING about my nutrition. Workouts are never the problem for me…I thrive on daily exercise and have maintained my fitness level. (I’ve actually completed 18 Beachbody programs at home!) But my body doesn’t show the hard work if my nutrition is faltering.

This year as I continued to gain weight little by little and worked to take it back off I convinced myself that this was just part of “getting older” and perhaps something was off with my hormones or thyroid. Maybe this was just my new “normal” and I was gonna have to get used to seeing that higher number on the scale. Frustrated and sometimes angry about it, I’d go on snacking or dessert splurges actually telling myself it didn’t matter anyway.

But when I stepped outside of myself as a Coach and took a look at what was MISSING that had been there before… I realized I had not done the Ultimate Reset program for over a year. In the 2 previous years I had spent two concentrated 21-day time periods following that program, detoxing my body and focusing exclusively on my nutrition. Lightbulb! (See the UR tab on this blog for detailed pics, video reviews, and ultimate reset results of previous rounds.)

So on October 26, my husband and I began again. My 6th round…his 2nd. The Reset isn’t something you take on just to lose weight… you do it to clean the insides of your body and rehabilitate your relationship with food. Weight loss is usually a side result. I started 15 pounds over my “happy weight” — the highest number I’d seen on the scale in quite some time. Each of the programs I’ve done includes a nutrition plan…but there is nothing that gets me focused quite like the Reset!! I went all in.Ultimate Reset Results

Three weeks later I’m down over 13 pounds, 9 inches and feel like MYSELF again. (Hubby lost 12!) When you give your body exactly what it needs it will reward you….and what this bod needed was the Ultimate Reset…as you can see from the pics! (Sorry.. my husband won’t let me near him with a tape measure…let alone a camera for this purpose?)

I don’t think I have ever posted my weight publicly, but I wanted to now to show you that body composition makes a big difference in how you look. You don’t have to be 120 pounds to be a size 4!  My weight on Day 1 this round put me within 12 pounds of my highest ever adult weight …and at that time I was a size 12-14.  I didn’t grow out of most of my clothes in the past year (other than my skinnier jeans/pants) and that’s only because of body composition and my fitness.

Ultimate Reset ResultsOn this Day 1 I had just completed another Month 1 of ChaLean Extreme…a strength training program. I did NO strength training during Reset..only tried to MAINTAIN muscle doing PiYo and Yoga.  I knew there had to be good muscle in there somewhere! (I was flexing equally in both pics!) The difference here is exclusively NUTRITION.

What’s the point for YOU here?? Well, first and foremost….NUTRITION IS KEY….ESPECIALLY as we age. Don’t assume that gaining weight or feeling yucky is just a part of growing older that you have to accept. Kinda like frustrations with technology… 95% of the time it’s ‘user error.’ Yes I have to be more careful now…I can feel that my body isn’t as forgiving of my “indiscretions” as it was even in my early 40s…and sure that sucks a bit. BUT I can still dig in and create change in my body when I am focused and committed. When I stop justifying my actions, telling myself lies and get back business. And you can too. Our bodies are complex, and it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what yours needs, but it’s worth taking the time to figure that out.

It’s been awhile since I’ve lead an Ultimate Reset group… thinking January is the perfect time to do that. Doing it again after a longer break reminded me how passionate I am about sharing it!! As a 6-round veteran of this program I can make it easier for you. And that’s what I’m here for!! So connect with me now or in early December about making HUGE strides in your fitness journey in 2016!! Know that mine will include an Ultimate Reset Round 7!

Here’s a sneak peek at what I’ll be doing in January to literally hammer and chisel toward my next set of results. At almost 46 years old I have to keep my body guessing. Stay tuned!

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