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Challenge groups are an important part of our mission to “end the trend” of obesity and help people lead healthy, fulfilling lives.   There is no doubt that working out at home saves time and usually money as well.  Still, people  often ask me, “how do you stay motivated to work out at home by yourself?”  My answer is always the same… “I’m not really by myself…I am plugged into a whole network of support that keeps me going!”  That’s really what a challenge group is…it’s a small support group that holds you accountable and keeps you going.  Think about it…if you’ve set out to reach a fitness goal in the past and you failed one of 3 things was likely missing or lacking:  the fitness component, the nutrition component, or the accountability/support piece.  Or maybe you just didn’t do a good job with one of those.  A challenge group provides you with all of these things, and DOES NOT LET YOU FAIL.

Ready to jump in?  Contact me to find out about Challenges starting soon or fill out this interest form and I will contact you!

I can also CUSTOMIZE a challenge for you and your family, friends or co-workers!  Let’s explore possibilities.

As a Challenge Group participant you become part of the BEACHBODY CHALLENGE, and can submit your results to compete for cash prizes!


Here are some comments from those who have completed my 10-30 day challenges…

“I know I keep saying it, but THANK YOU!  Once I gained weight and had so many problems with my pregnancy & after, I just got so frustrated and unmotivated–it was never difficult before so I couldn’t understand why it was now.  I feel so great already that it just makes me want to keep it up — I seriously have not felt this good in 5 years.  Definitely keeping up on the journal, that is a wonderful tool!”  (Dara; lost 12 pounds and 9 inches.)

“Thanks again for all of your help, you are a constant support and offer helpful ideas/hints for eating and motivation…great program!” (Lynn; lost 7 pounds, 5 inches.)

“Just got my blood work back in the mail today with a note across the bottom from my doc in BIG letters – “ALL MUCH IMPROVED.”   My blood sugar was down, my LDL and HDL cholesterol was down, TSH and Triglycerides were also improved compared to a year ago. You probably think I was a drama queen when I said you “saved my life”…seeing the results of Shakeology and Fit club has truly made a difference for me. Thank you so much!” (Teri; lost 9 pounds, 9 ¾ inches)


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