5 Reasons to LOVE Focus T25

Shaun T and Coach LoraI’m always excited when Beachbody kicks out a new program, but I was especially pumped about the release of Shaun T’s Focus T25.  A series of 25 minute workouts crafted by fav trainer Shaun T?  Sign me up, please!  After 2 weeks I’m already giving this program a double thumbs up.

There are many reasons to love this workout…I’ve narrowed it down to 5 for you….

1.  Workouts are 25 minutes.  Really.  Need I say more?  Isn’t it TIME that is always getting in the way of your workouts?  No more excuses.  And I don’t want to hear anyone complain about the 2 1/2 minute cool downs added at the end of each workout.  Or the “double day” on Fridays that is suggested for maximum results.  Or the stretch on the weekend.  Be realistic and choose the suggested options that work best for you.

2.  Nutrition Guide with 25 easy and quick recipes that have 5 ingredients or less.  PLUS a 5-day Fast Start meal plan option.   Let’s face it…nutrition is 80% of your journey and often the hardest part.  So you have to love a guide that makes it easy!  Make sure you have Shakeology to seal the deal!

3.  Pace/flow of the workouts.  Just when you are running out of steam and think you can’t do another repetition, Shaun changes things up and starts in on another body part.  Then you look at the clock and you’re half-way through, or maybe almost done…because workouts are ONLY 25 minutes.  You work a lot harder when you know there is not much further to go!  “FOCUS” is the name of the game…you go ALL in for 25 minutes.  People often ask me about the music.  What music??

4.  ANYONE can do it. T25 can accommodate a wide range of fitness levels.  Modifications are demonstrated for ALL higher impact moves, and you can adjust speed if needed.  And if you’re really fit, you’ll be challenged and work up quite a sweat in just 25 minutes.

5.  Shaun T.  To work out with him is to love him.   Enough said.

Right now you can get the Challenge Pack that includes Shakeology for just $205.  The program by itself is $119.99.  Shakeology is $129.99.  You do the math.  AND you get my hand-holding for free with that deal and admission into a Challenge Group to keep you pushing play.  So what are you waiting for?  It’s about TIME, right??

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