Time to RESET…again!

Wouldn’t it be great if your body had a Reset button?? Guess what?  It DOES! Today I start my THIRD round of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, a 21-day whole food cleanse that is like a detox, nutrition bootcamp, and cooking class all in one.  My first Reset was in August 2012, second in January 2013.[…]

Post – Ultimate Reset Report

I was thrilled to get on the scale this morning and discover that I have maintained my Reset weight loss for a full week…this gives me even more confidence in my results going forward. Over the last week I’ve put back most of my normal healthy foods into my diet including whole grains like brown[…]

My Ultimate Reset: Top 10 List and RESULTS!

It was very difficult to review my whole Reset results/experience in a “short” 3-4 minute video.  This is a little more than double that, but I truly hope the information here is helpful and informative.  Next week I will get my blood drawn again and will have those results to share!  Regardless, I am very[…]

My Ultimate Reset: Day 19

I am probably most proud of sitting down to two meals today with my family….definitely feeling much more capable in the kitchen, and I didn’t even pay for a cooking class! This holiday weekend is presenting some challenges…but I’ve got tunnel vision this close to Day 21.  I’m getting some great SLEEP this weekend, too…much[…]

My Ultimate Reset: Day 18

Quiet, mostly uneventful day….but that works well for a holiday weekend when you are still on the Ultimate Reset!  My super power NOSE is what’s making these last few days most challenging. I am starting to think more about what will happen on Day 22 and beyond….as is my family….my husband is asking me lots[…]